Free talk on Permaculture and Forest Gardening

Montag, 29. August_ 18.00-20.00 id22 projectspace

>>>> verschoben auf MITTWOCH, DEN 31.08.2016_GLEICHE STELLE, GLEICHE WELLE!!! your garden looking as lovely as a woodland edge, which produces an abundance of food, which ultimately will need very little digging, weeding, manual watering or pest control – ‘an edible forest garden’.
Forest gardening is a way of growing food where nature does most of the work for you. Modelled on natural woodland, crops are grown in different layers from high and medium sized canopy to roots, ground cover to climbers.

Through careful planning, plants are chosen which have beneficial effects on each other, and attracting beneficial insects, creating a healthy biodiverse rich system that maintains its own fertility. Once established, your main task will be harvesting!

This event is being hosted by Spreeacker, a project founded in 2011 which is active in sustainable urban development and permaculture.

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